Semi-Permanent Tattooing

Semi-Permanent Make-up is the beautiful art of tattooing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to create beautiful, permanent makeup (enhancing your features). These areas include the eyes, brows and lips. All treatment starts off with a thorough consultation and medical history review where the technician can also show you exactly what to expect from the treatment. Treatment is a 2-part process and involves a follow up appointment to allow the technician to finish the treatment and make any colour or shape corrections.


Whatever your desired outcome our specialists can create the perfect permanent look for you. Ultra-fine individual strokes are applied to create a beautiful natural look. If you prefer a more defined brow then that can also be achieve. We will use only the perfect shape and color to enhance your hair, eye and skin tone. Enhance have specialist practitioners who have also worked on clients with hair loss which makes the treatment a necessity for anyone experiencing this.
Treatment £350

Eye Liner

Creating a defined liner along the top and/or bottom lids can really boost your features and enhance your natural look. With no need to use any eyeliner again your life will be transformed. Eyeliner can dramatically define your eyes and give you that confidence that you always wanted. Whether you are looking for a fine lash enhancement, thick Latino flick or a slightly smoky definition. The perfect shade will be discussed at the consultation, and your technician will show you exactly how it will look and ensure you are 100% happy before any treatment is carried out.
Treatment £250

Lip Treatments

Lip liner can be tattooed on to be a defined line, or a soft gradual colour covering majority of the lip surface. Whatever you prefer your lips will appear more symmetrical and volumized. Using the lip outline whilst having a soft colour addition can provide a very natural looking contour. Or, if you want to boost the natural colour fully you can have the entire lip tattooed in colour and simply need to add lip-gloss to finish. Whatever colour direction you are wanting to go your technician will discuss everything at the consultation, and ensure you absolutely love your new lips before any treatment is carried out.

(Want to finish off your new lip look- Why not add extra volume with one of our Lip Filler Treatments?)
Treatment £400

Colour Lift Procedure

This treatment is for clients who have had a bad experience/results with a previous technician or had many procedures which can cause your skin to be saturated in pigment. There are many factors to be considered before Emma can determine what can be achieved which is why treatment starts with a thorough consultation. Each treatment will need to be every 8 weeks and usually the best results are seen after 3 procedures.

Initial Treatment £150 
Thereafter £100



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